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Hemp Oil in finest quality, 100% organic with eco certificate

” Osteoarthritis of the vertebrae in the lumbar after a road accident in 1977 that caused me to have a leg shorter than the other, but there was never done anything about it in the form of posts or special shoes.

In 1999, it was completely crazy after a long working life with heavy lifting and had to stop my normal work. Took an education as an IT Supporter that ended in 2005 with a lot of blood clots, my osteoarthritis in my back made me struggling for more hours than about 4 at a time, so I came to morphine and tramadol in May 2017 I became acquainted with Cannabis oil and am currently out of my morphine consumption and on my way out of my tramadol so for me, Cannabis oil has 0.2% Thc helped me a lot ”